Who, What, When, Why, How?

This is the site were we will chronicle those organizations that are truly Enemies of the State — the Leftists, the Radicals, the Liars and the Deceivers.  Everyone from members of the Mainstream Media to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  We will categorize these enemies and document their atrocities, their deceptions, and their deep connections.

Right now, this site is an after-hours project, so things will not develop as rapidly as if I had the financial support to spend more of my time working and sharing this site.

One of the key reasons for creating this site is that corporate media companies and social media companies, like Facebook, Twitter and Google, are all actively working to suppress conservative viewpoints.  Why share conservative thought on systems that are going to squash it, that prevent others from finding your information, prevent you from sharing it, and deny you the ability to monetize it to sustain operations?  I seek the allies to build the dissenting alternative that is so desperately needed.  I seek individuals who don’t want common sense and individual liberties shouted down by the collectivists and anarchists among us.  Join me?


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